Tenley: 11 Months Old

Baby girl, almost a whole year has gone by since you joined our family and it just doesn’t seem possible. The amount of joy you’ve added to our family is immeasurable. We love you Tenley Joy.12661929_10208430784064964_5052279924434109536_n

Tenley at 11 Months:

  • Weighs 18lbs 0oz
  • 27 3/4 inches tall
  • After one night of crying it out, is back to sleeping through the night…phew!
  • Sleeping 13-14 hours a night, and takes 2 naps, each 2 hours long! Growth spurt!!
  • Is pulling herself up to her knees
  • Gives kisses and blows kisses
  • Claps when you sing “Pat-A-Cake” to her
  • Has 6 teeth (4 bottom and 2 front top)
  • Tries hard to keep up with her brother
  • Eats so much! Loves to eat and feed herself
  • Signs “more,” “eat,” and occasionally “all done”
  • Is a totally Daddy’s Girl!!
  • Is such a happy, smiley baby!
  • Has her own room that Daddy finished and made perfect, just for her!
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Tenley: 10 Months Old

The countdown to you first birthday has officially started in Mama’s head and it just doesn’t seem like that should be possible yet! But, as we know, time slows for no one.

Tenley 10 Months

Tenley at 10 Months:

  • Weighs 17 pounds 9 ounces
  • Is 27 1/4 inches tall
  • Is crawling!!
  • Still pulling up to her knees and occasionally tries to stand, but can’t yet
  • Has 3 teeth, with a 4th trying to come through
  • Is very content to play and crawl around and doesn’t venture too far away
  • Has said “Dada” for a while but says it now when she sees Devin
  • Loves to feed herself and eat table food! She loves all sorts of foods. Bananas, pancakes, waffles, crackers, blueberries.
  • Has decided that she does NOT like carrots
  • Has been waking up in the middle of the night around 3 or 4 am.
  • Laughs more and more each day
  • Gets around well enough to steal brother’s toys and knock over his lego creations (to which he says, “no, no, no, no sissy!”
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Tenley: 9 Months

You are really growing, Tenley girl. It’s just a matter of time before you are on the move! Just make sure that you always take time to snuggle your Mama.

Tenley 9 Months

Tenley at 9 Months:

  • Weighs 17 pounds and 3 ounces
  • is 27 inches tall
  • Has 2 teeth with once that will be coming through anytime
  • Will be crawling any time now, she pushes up on all fours, rocks and still moves backward
  • Is still a good eater!
  • Is sleeping well at night
  • Had her first Halloween and dressed up like a Cabbage Patch Doll – really, really adorable!
  • Loves to interact with her brother, which happens more now that she is a bit more mobile.
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Tenley: 8 Months Old

Tenley, we found out a few weeks ago that you are going to be a big sister! Seems so surreal! We love you baby girl and know you’ll be the best big sister.

20151025_184511Tenley at 8 Months:

  • Weighs 18 pound and 3 ounces
  • Is 26 1/4 inches  tall.
  • Pushes up on all fours and scoots backward
  • Can get herself in a seated position, which she is quite proud of!
  • Has 2 bottom teeth!
  • Has started saying “Dada” and gabbers a lot
  • Is doing great at swim lessons
  • Is a really great eater and loves sweet potatoes
  • Is sleeping well at night
  • Has the most adorable smile
  • Found out she is going to be a big sister!!
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Dear Matthew and Tenley: A Letter About Your Dad

Dear Matthew and Tenley,

I wanted to write this letter to you around Father’s Day, but you keep me pretty busy and so it has been delayed.

In my heart, it is very pressing to me that you know what we have as a family in your Daddy. Besides our Heavenly Father, he is everything to us.

He is everything I want for the both of you.

Matthew, I want you to learn from your Dad. To grow up strong, hardworking, wise and kind. Pay attention to your Daddy, son. He will teach you how to be successful in life. How to treat others with respect and how to respect yourself by always working hard and giving it your best. He will teach you how to be self-sufficient yet always willing to help others. He will teach you how to have fun and get your hands dirty. He will teach you to be strong, to stand firm and be self-controlled. He will teach you to laugh, be joyful and to be kind. He will teach you that kindness and gentleness are not weaknesses but valuable traits that few men can master. He will teach you to pray and follow Jesus. He will teach you how to love and lead a family. I know it will be hard at times while you are growing up, but try your best to never take him for granted. He will teach you to be the kind of man that you Mama and someday your wife will be so proud of. You are the reason he does everything he does. You are his boy and he loves you with every beat of his heart and every fiber of his being.

Tenley girl, I want you to learn from your Dad too. He will teach you to work hard and not be afraid to try new things. I want you to learn that you can do anything you set your mind to. He will teach you to NEVER think less of yourself because you’re a girl. He will teach you everything he teaches your brother and he still embrace your femininity. I am sure he will teach you how to change a tire, how to shoot guns and how to dribble a basketball. He will teach you to be strong while being kind, loving and mindful of others. He will teach you how to be joyful and see the best in people. He will teach you that you are always safe with him. He will show you what it looks like to be loved so well, by how he loves me. He will show you what gentleness, respect and love look like in marriage. He will love you so well that you will never have to seek another man’s affection until the times comes that you meet your husband. And, when that time comes, you’ll know exactly what to look for. Love your Daddy sweet girl, like all daughters should love their Daddies. You are the reason he does everything he does. You are his baby girl and he loves you with every beat of his heart and every fiber of his being.

To my son and daughter, live life knowing that you are well loved. Loved beyond measure by your Daddy (and Mama) and outrageously loved by your God. Walk confidently knowing Dad will always have your back. Live in the knowledge that you are blessed to have this strong, kind, integrity-filled man as your Dad. Be strong and go out and do what God’s called you to do. We’ll be there cheering you on.

And as often as you remember, thank your Dad for everything he does for our family. He loves you both more than words can describe. More than you’ll ever be able to fathom until one day you have your own babies.

He is our everything, but you are his world.

I love you Matthew. I love you Tenley. I love your Daddy. You three are my heart and soul.

Love, Mama

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Big Boy Bed

I was not really ready to completely say goodbye to my baby boy and embrace the little boy he now is…but that time has come. On Friday morning I looked in the monitor to see that Matthew was awake. I went to his room to get him and he was OUT of his crib!! I put him back in his crib and asked him to show me how he got out.

The rest of the day, he just climbed out of his crib like it was no big deal. So, Saturday morning we went and purchased a toddler bed.  Matthew even got to pick out some new sheets! Matthew “helped” Daddy put his bed together and he was so excited. After it was assembled, it was time for nap. He had to be put back in bed twice, but then took a normal nap. He has not gotten out of his bed since that first nap. We were dreading making this switch, but he has been so awesome!! At naptime and bedtime, he just goes down without a fuss and sleeps. And he loves his bed! He loves to sit in there and read books and he will play cars in there. If you ask him if he’s ready to go to sleep in his big boy bed, he just smiles so big and says, “yeah!” He even waved bye bye to his crib as we took it out of his bedroom. What a sweet big boy he is!



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Surprise! Baby #3 is On The Way!

Well, we don’t waste anytime around here! Baby #3 is coming in May 2016!


How we told Daddy when he got back home from work!20150917_18393320150917_18404220150917_184038

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Tenley: 7 Months Old

How in the world has 7 months gone by so fast. You are such a sweet little baby love.


Tenley at 7 Months:

  • Weighs 16lbs 10oz
  • Is 26 inches tall
  • Can sit up on her own
  • Loves to gabber and talk
  • Loves to blow zerberts
  • Still no teeth but loves to chomp on her teether toys
  • Loves to play with tags
  • Still sleeping in Mama and Daddy’s room
  • Laughs for her brother more than anyone!
  • Has started swim lessons
  • Loves to eat her solid food and sit in her highchair
  • Likes to read books with Mama and brother


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Matthew: 2 Years Old

Our boy is 2 years old and that time has flown by! It’s gone so fast and yet, it’s hard to remember a time without him. He is an amazing joy to us. He is happy and full of life and loves to laugh.


Matthew at 2 Years Old:

  • Weighs 26 lbs (26th percentile)
  • 34 3/4 inches tall (56th percentile)
  • Loves to climb, jump and run!
  • Takes one nap a day.
  • He loves to be outside. He’d be out there all day and even sleep out there if we’d let him.
  • Still hates to get his teeth brushed.
  • Still not interested too much in TV but does enjoy Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Barney for a few minutes.
  • Would live off of cheddar cheese and applesauce.
  • Loves to drive his John Deere tractor.
  • Loves all trucks.
  • Can hear a garbage truck from a mile away! Every garbage day, we run outside to watch and wave as the garbage is collected.
  • Is saying new words everyday.
  • Put 3 words together for the first time. One night at bedtime, he signed that he was hungry. He then looked at Devin and said, “Dada, nana (banana). Go!” and pointed towards the door.
  • Has shown great interest in potty training. Has gone on the toilet on several occasions.
  • LOVES his binkie. We are not looking forward to breaking that habit.

20150911_1330212015-09-11 14.17.32

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Tenley: 6 Months Old

Our baby girl is growing before our eyes and is already half a year old!! She is changing everyday and is so much fun and so much joy! We all love you with all our hearts baby girl!


Tenley at 6 Months:

  • Weighs 15lbs 8oz
  • is 25 3/4 inches long. Her height growth has slowed so she just keeps getting rounder and rounder!
  • She is still sleeping through the night (since about 4 months old). She goes to bed at about 7:30pm and waked up between 6 and 7 am.
  • She still sleeps in Mom and Dad’s room. Mama isn’t quite ready to move her out yet.
  • We are working on her soothing herself to sleep at night. Some nights she does great and other nights she wants to know Mama or Daddy is close.
  • She is so smiley! Loves to pass out the smiles to everyone!
  • She doesn’t stay in one place very long on the ground. She just rolls, and rolls and rolls!
  • She is quite content to play on the floor with her toys.
  • She drools so much, but still no sign of any teeth.
  • She has tried bananas and oatmeal cereal but isn’t too interested in it
  • Sits in the highchair now during dinnertime and if Mama is working in the kitchen. She does quite well in there as long as she has some toys.
  • She can sit for a couple seconds unsupported.
  • Talks up a storm.
  • Loves to watch her brother. Her favorite thing is to watch him jump. That just makes her laugh like crazy. But the two of them have yet to cooperate so we can get it on video.
  • Loved being in the pool over out vacation at Eagle Crest Resort the first week of August. She will start swim lessons the first week of September.


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